CNG Valves

CNG Valves

CNG valves have been developed to enlarge our range of components with the aim to supply always the best ratio between quality and price.

Homologated in accordance with the European Regulation ECE R110, approved in accordance with the ENARGAS NAG415 and NAG417 and in compliance with ISO15500, our CNG valves are manufactured with high quality standards and can be equipped with all safety devices: thermo fuse (PRD), burst disc, excess flow valve, manual tap, solenoid valve.
Tomasetto CNG valves are available in different models, in several configurations and, upon request, in personalized versions as well.

CNG Cylinder Valves

VM01 Light
CNG cylinder valve manual unvented light
VM01 Vented
CNG cylinder valve manual vented
VM05 Automatic
CNG cylinder automatic valve
CNG cylinder automatic valve type HD

CNG Filling Valves

CNG manual filling valves with PICO
CNG filling valves with NGV1 connector
VM04 Russia
CNG cylinder automatic valve
CNG cylinder automatic valve type HD