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Tomasetto Achille India Pvt Ltd

Established in the year 2007 Tomasetto Achille India Pvt Ltd. is a Joint Venture Company with Tomasetto Achille Spa; Italy which is market leader in the world producing CNG and LPG components for past 35 years. We are based in Bhiwandi, Thane in Maharashtra State.

The Company’s main focus is into sales and marketing of,CNG Reducers,CNG Cylinder Valves,CNG Filling valves,LPG Multivalves,LPG Reducers,ECU’s & Injectors which are the main components used for Automotive LPG &CNG conversion kits.

Company aims to reach to all its customers and its endeavour is to fight fake products and duplicators which are being illegally sold under the brand name of Tomasetto Achille.

our history

Tomasetto Achille Spa 35 year timeline from the beginning

Since more than 35 years, our parent company Tomasetto Achille Spa is known as a leading company in designing and manufacturing mechanical components for Automotive LPG and CNG systems.

Quality of our products and high flexibility in responding to market changes has been the key to our success and reputation.

Established in 1982 and still lead by its founder, Mr. Achille Tomasetto, the Company Tomasetto Achille Spa, Italy is located in the North-East of Italy, 15 km far from Vicenza and 70 km from Venice.

Tomasetto Achille India Pvt Ltd is recognized for the technology, the quality and reliability of the products supplied by its parent company Tomasetto Achille SpA, as well as for the efficiency in providing service to the customer. seeking for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, high flexibility and investments in technologies and local approvals are the guidelines of our company.

The experience gained in the past is nowadays the key for the development of new and reliable products.Also innovative technologies designed and developed forms a base to cater to the requests of our customers. Indian market is the focus of business of the Indian Subsidiary.